Welcome to SenseCam 2012

The 2012 SenseCam Symposium will be held in the dreaming spires of Oxford, at Exeter College. The two-day event will feature scientific presentations on wearable devices such as the SenseCam and life-logging cameras and their use in a variety of applications.

There will also be relaxed social events with an opportunity to network with Computer Scientists, Neuropsychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Health Professionals, Rehabilitation specialists, Engineers, Cognitive Psychologists, Memory Scientists, Ethicists, Ethnographers, Lawyers, Archivists and Clinicians.

Attending SenseCam 2012

Thanks to everyone who came to the Symposium. We were delighted to see you all. Looking forward to next year...

Venue: Exeter College

This lively college is in the middle of Oxford. It would be difficult to be more central. Exeter's exquisite Chapel, tranquil Fellows' Garden and terrace overlooking Radcliffe Square are famously beautiful.

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